Burn Permit Time

Starting October 15th, the Forestry Division of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture is requiring all Tennesseans to obtain a permit before burning outside.

If anyone burns without a permit, they could be punished with up to 30 days in jail or a $50 fine, as well as suppression costs.

Loudon County residents can call
(865) 986-8395 or go online here to get a free burn permit. In all other counties, call the local forestry office.

Permitting allows the Forestry Division to stop fires if conditions become extreme and to prevent wasted time and gas used responding to false alarms.

The weather conditions in East Tennessee continue to be extremely dry and windy, which increase fire dangers. The Forestry Division has issued several safety tips:

1. Do not burn adjacent to forest or grassland
2. Watch the wind
3. Have tools and help on hand to contain the fire
4. Dig a line down to mineral soil around the fire
5. Notify your neighbors
6. Get a permit and check local burn ordinances
7. Do not leave your fire until it is completely out

If you have questions about burning conditions, how to maintain a safe fire, or have information about arson fires, contact your county Forestry office. If you have questions about air quality or pollution regulations, contact the state Department of Environment and Conservation at 1-888-891-TDEC or visit their website.