Burcham Leaving?

Several unconfirmed sources report News Herald publisher/editor, Kevin Burcham, is leaving the paper in a couple of months.

Burcham came to the News Herald in 2001 after long time publisher Bobby Buckner retired. The News Herald is one of many local papers owned by Jones Media Inc. of Greenville.

If the reports of  Burcham's departure are correct, he will be the most recent member of the News Herald staff to exit. Greg Wilkerson who had been the editor since 2008 left several weeks ago. No explanation for Wilkerson's departure was ever reported by the paper.

For several years now the News Herald has come under increasing criticism from some in the public for what they saw as a lack of real news reporting and sometime biased reporting. Burcham regularly contributed editorials for the paper often taking strong positions on local topics seemingly without being particularly informed. 

No replacement has yet been named for Burcham.