Building Plan Proposed

The much anticipated, long awaited building plan for the Loudon County School System came to the floor at Thursday's board meeting. Director of schools, Wayne Honeycutt, presented his proposal for a three phase plan.

Phase one includes a new K-12 school in Greenback. Mr. Honeycutt made the case for the new school citing the over all condition of the current facility and that trying to renovate portions of the old school would be more expensive than building an all new facility.

Also phase one would include a new addition at Loudon Elementary and Fort Loudon Middle School that would essentially combine the two schools into a K-8 facility. The addition would include a central cafeteria and office and several new class rooms for both schools.

The third element of phase one would include addressing the cafeteria/kitchen area at Philadelphia and the addition of several class rooms. Total estimated cost of phase one is 45.4 million. It's hoped that construction could be underway within six months.

Phase two and three which would be several years away and based on future growth in student population could include a new K-8 in Loudon and on the north end of the county and converting Steekee and Highland Park to a K-8. Also a major renovation of Loudon High School.

Most board members seemed very receptive to Honeycutt's proposal with most voicing support to get started. The board will discuss the plan in more detail at the next workshop.   

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