Budgets Pass In Greenback and Loudon

Loudon City Council approves $6.414 million budget on first reading

Vicky Newman News Herald

The Loudon City Council voted Monday to adopt on first reading a proposed total municipal budget of about $6.414 million. The the budget proposal includes an across-the-board salary increase for employees of 3.5 percent. 

Lynn Mills, city manager, said the largest operation increases are in medical insurance. Although the city faces an increase of 25 percent in medical insurance, it is the first increase in four or five years, Mills said.

Budget categories include:

  Financial and administrative, $531,613;

Codes enforcement, $87,099;

Police, fire building maintenance, $17,700;

Police department operations, $1.783 million;

Fire department operations, $1.303 million;

Streets department, $794,742;

Bridge lighting and Wharf Greenway project, $282,215;

Sanitation department; $427,442;

Parks and Recreation, $129,715;

General fund transfers to special projects, $182,291;

Economic Development, $38,000; and

Debt service, $745,650.

The economic development category includes funding for Economic Development Agency and Loudon Merchants and Property Owners Association. It does not include the $10,000 funding requested last month by the Loudon County Visitors Bureau. Councilman Lynn Milsaps, during the workshop meeting of the previous week, had stated that he felt the Visitors Bureau request should be funded, if money was available, but did not receive verbal support for the statement. However, it was Milsaps who made the motion to approve the budget proposal as submitted. Councilman Lewis "Charlie Brown" Garner seconded the motion.

Despite unavoidable budget increases, the tax rate to fund the budget - 1.0287 - will not increase for 2010-11, Mills said. In fact, he said, the city is looking at having a surplus, because of the planned sale of property on Elizabeth Lee Parkway in Highlands Businesss Park to Tennessee Packaging. The public hearing for the proposed budget is set for June 21, before the regular June meeting, at 7:15 p.m. The hearing for the tax rate is set for 7:20 p.m. 


Greenback leaders pass budget

Tammy Cheek News Herald

The Greenback Board of Mayor and Aldermen, during its May 11 meeting, approved its 2010-11 budget on first reading.

The board is expected to take action on a second and final reading during its next meeting 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 8, in the Community Center. 

Last Tuesday's proposed budget shows revenues are budgeted at $151,875 while expenses are budgeted at $131,720. This compares to last year's actual revenues of $155,524 and expenses of $168,066. "There's not a whole lot of changes," Mayor Tom Peeler said. "Sales tax is dropping down, considerably, everywhere." 

While the city does not have a property tax, it does receive local and state sales tax revenues. Peeler reported the city has budgeted $25,000 for local sales tax revenues and $65,000 for state sales tax revenues. This compares to last year's sales tax revenues, which were $28,159 for local sales tax and $68,637 for state sales tax, according to the budget document. "The way things are going right now, with the state of Tennessee, we'll be lucky to make it with $151,875," the mayor said. 

The following revenues are also budgeted: city street aid, $2,300; motor fuel tax, $29,700; telecommunications, $375; beer tax, $600; state income tax, $2,500; Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in lieu of taxes, $8,000; cable TV franchise, $7,200; People Promoting Animal Welfare's (PPAW's) lease, $7,200; use of facilities, $3,000; earned interest, $500; and other income, $500. 

Peeler explained the TVA in lieu of funds come about because it is tax-exempt. "TVA has to pay every city and county in the state of Tennessee," he explained. "If they got property inside your city, which they have the substation over here at the cemetery, so they pay the city this much money."

He noted if there were beer sales in Greenback, the revenues from the beer tax would triple for the town. He added PPAW's lease will not change until next year because the town just entered into a lease with PPAW.

While looking at the expenses, Vice Mayor Sam Jackson said most of the costs are coming from capital outlay. Peeler agreed and added last year the city had to purchase equipment, such as a tractor, lawn mower, back hammer and pickup. "So, this year, we shouldn't have to buy a whole lot. Everything is running well," he said. Still, $5,000 was put in the budget for capital outlay.  

The budget shows the following expenses: salaries, $57,000; payroll tax, $5,000; utilities, $11,000; supplies, $10,000; insurance, $7,000; advertising, $650; dues, $500; contract labor, $2,500; professional fees, $3,400; office expenses, $2,800; repairs, $5,000; postage, $500; telephone, $3,400; capital outlay, $5,000; police, $3,200; museum, $3,000; library, $1,650; street lights, $12,000; and miscellaneous, $120. 

He noted the board did budget a little bit more for street lights this year. 

Peeler advised the board members to take the budget home, look it over and see if any changes need to be made.