Budget Passes

What actually turned out to be a bit of an anticlimactic vote, county commission passed their 2015-2016 budget by a 10-0 vote Monday night. Director of schools, Jason Vance and 3 teachers who spoke in favor of a property tax increase for the schools, four citizens spoke in opposition to a property tax  increase.

When all was said and done the budget was passed unanimously. The new budget includes no property tax increase, a 2% raise for all county employees except elected officials. While elected officials were not included in the pay raises, Judge Rex Dale will receive a state mandated pay increase. The new budget also trimmed more than $800,000.00 from the previous county general budget.

I'm not sure if anybody knows what the school board budget is. The school board has voted on several different versions of their budget. Commission approved their expenditure budget as submitted.

The new 2015-2016 fiscal year for the county begins July1.