The Budget Cometh

It's hard to ignore the timing, but just a few days after the election a preliminary budget has been passed by the commission budget committee. Friday the budget committee passed a budget that would give the school system approximately $850,000.00 in new operating money. The school board was asking for approximately 1.3 million. The school board will have to make adjustments in their budget if the full commission accepts the budget committee's recommendation. 

The Budget Committee also recommended that all county employees receive a one time 1% bonus. School employees were slated to receive step raises and 3% raises. 

According to at least one member of the budget committee, the new budget would also allow for approximately 14 mil. to be borrowed for the school building program. This is of course far less than the 37 million needed. 14 million would be enough funding to do the new Loudon Middle School but according to the budget committee, next year property taxes would have to be raised to complete the building program, Greenback.

The full commission is scheduled to hear the budget proposal at a May 24th work shop and is expected to vote on the proposed budget June 7th.