The Budget Cometh

Seems like it's just been a few months ago that the school board was wrestling with adopting a budget. Well, in fact it has just been a few months ago. But believe it or not, it's time to start the process again.

The board budget committee has already started meeting to work on the 2010-2011 budget. The board finance director has already presented a proposed budget that would require 1.8 million dollars in new operating expenditures. Of course this is only a preliminary proposal and totally out of the realm of possibility unless major cuts are made.

The fact of the matter is that some serious cuts will have to be made. Some may be painful but with declining revenues at both the state and local level, current spending cannot continue. For too many years, the board has over spent, over hired and in some cases over paid. We can no longer afford not to trim our sails.

The Loudon county school system is blessed with a host of wonderful, dedicated teachers, principals and administrators who like many others went with no pay increases this year. The board will have to prioritize what they feel is necessary or unnecessary expenditures to have any hope of providing pay increases this year.

The next budget meeting is scheduled for this Thursday at 4:30 in the central office board room.