Brookshire Hangs On

Five year Lenoir City incumbent Mayor Matt Brookshire, hung on in Tuesday's election to narrowly defeat challenger and new comer Kelly Watkins. A difference of only 342 votes separated the top two vote getters. Jr. Proaps finished a far third with 94 votes. A total of 2064 votes were cast in the mayor's race.

In the Council race, two new names will now set behind the table. Buddy Hines with a total of 1,091 was the top vote getter. This will also make Mr. Hines the new vice mayor. Long time councilman, Gene Hamby, came in at number two with 845. Third was Mike Henline with 705. Forth, Alan Williams with 696. Fifth John Harris with 694. Sixth, Stephanie Sharp with 591, seventh David Martin with 591. Hines and Henline, will replace Alan Williams who was appointed to finish his father's term after he passed away and Mickey Mcnabb who was also appointed to fill his father's seat after his death. Mr. Mcnabb did not did not run for the seat.