Like it or not, Brookshire's back and in a big way. For at least two more years, Lenoir City residents will have Mayor Matt Brookshire to deal with. But apparently that's what they want. The voters overwhelmingly sent him back the the mayor's seat. One can only assume that the vast majority of voters approve of the job he has done. Higher taxes, crushing debt, failing infrastructure and dominating government control is apparently what the city voters want. Or was it something else?

Many thought that businessman, Robert, Tooter, Robinett had a good shot of taking the mayor's office. But it was not to be. Brookshire beat out Robinett by a more than a two to one margin. Robinett had had business associations with Lenoir City Judge, Terry Vann and if there is anyone in Lenoir City more unpopular than Brookshire it would be Vann. Elections are funny that way.

So, love him or hate him Brookshire's back large and in charge with a mandate.