Boy rescued from being trapped under car in Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA (WATE) -- An eight-year-old boy was rescued Thursday night after a car slipped out of gear and rolled on top of him in Philadelphia.

Andrew Edgemon was trapped at 8:11 p.m. at a home at 33633 Pond Creek Road.

A state trooper says Edgemon was playing outside with cousins when he became trapped under the car.

Rescue crews from Loudon and Philadelphia, responded along with a wrecker. They used airbags to lift the car off Edgemon.

He was taken by ambulance to a landing area for Lifestar and then flown to UT Medical Center in Knoxville.

The boy has a fractured hip and a dislocated knee.

The trooper says they don't know how the car was knocked out of gear.

Philadelphia mother talks about son's freak accident
By SHELBY BAKER 6 News Reporter

PHILADELPHIA (WATE)--The mother of eight-year-old Andrew Edgemon says it's a miracle her son is alive.

"It was so scary seeing my son trapped under the car. He was surrounded by angels," said Tracy Edgemon.

She says Andrew was playing at the bottom of the family driveway on Thursday when a car slipped out of gear and rolled on top of him.

Edgemon watched helplessly until emergency crews arrived.

"They put airbags under the car to gently raise the car off of Andrew and as soon as they got the car raised they got him out really fast," said Edgemon.

Andrew's little body is still covered in bruises. The crushing weight of the car also broke several bones.

"He has a broken collar bone, which is a clean break so they think that will heal up pretty nicely on its own, he also had to have a knee replacement on the left."

She says she's grateful her son is safe but still wonders how it happened.  

"It was in park, and it's still in park. I just don't know, it's a freak thing," said Edgemon.

Andrew will need intensive physical therapy to help repair his damaged knee.