Booze Snooze

Two found allegedly sleeping at Chili's

Brittany Davenport-News-Herald

In two separate incidents on July 3 two men were arrested for public intoxication after they fell asleep at their tables at the Lenoir City Chili's.

Around 8:20 p.m. Arnold Stringer Jr., 36, of 915 Huntsville Hollow Road, Lenoir City, was found sleeping at his table inside the restaurant after Lenoir City Police Department Officer Allen Bean responded to the scene, according to a report.

Once Stringer was awakened he seemed very confused and had glossy eyes and slurred speech, the report stated.

Stringer reportedly stated he had taken four Oxycodone and three Somas before going to Chili's and consuming alcohol.

Around the same time another LCPD officer arrested another man at the restaurant.

Thirty-year-old Jeremy Morgan had also fallen asleep at his table where there appeared to be three alcoholic beverages, according to a report.

Upon investigation Morgan had a silver container with two 30 milligrams Oxycodone and a Zanax that was broken in half, a report stated.

Morgan verified the pills were his and provided a prescription for them.

At the time of the investigation Morgan was chewing on a shortened white straw approximately 3 inches long that is commonly used for snorting crushed pills, according to a report.

Morgan reportedly stated he had snorted pills earlier in the day.

Stringer is charged with public intoxication.

He was released on his own recognizance.

Morgan is charged with public intoxication and simple possession.

He was also released on his own recognizance.