BOE, More Help Wanted?

With the 2008-2009 budget deadline quickly approaching, the train wreck we have come to know as the Loudon County Board Of Education has completely run off the tracks. The board is recommending to the commission an operating budget increase of more than four million dollars. Much of the requested increase is for more employees and associated costs. With evidence that the BOE is already grossly over staffed, board members are still recommending hiring nearly two dozen more teachers, assistants and paraprofessionals. The BOE currently has well over 600 employees within their nine school system.

Thus far, the commission has drawn a line in the sand and has required the BOE to provide detailed explanations for the requested increase in funding. Hopefully the commission will do what the board is unwilling to do and put the breaks on the BOE's out of control spending. Otherwise we may all be facing large property tax increases.