BOE Petition Update

After the first week several incumbent school board members and some challengers have picked up qualifying petitions to run for a spot on the school board. In this election cycle, it's the odd numbered district, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th, seats that will be on the ballot.

The first district as well as the fifth district have two board members due to the population of those districts. Board members up for reelection in the 1st district are Bill Marcus, seat "A", and Scott Newman, seat "B". Both Marcus and Newman have picked up petitions to seek re-election. Ken Hupp of Tellico Village has also picked up a petition for seat "A" which would make him a challenger to Bill Marcus. Mr. Hupp is a retired educator from Illinois. County redistricting required by law this year moved several hundred Tellico Village residents into the 1st district. That's why a village resident is running in the 1st, Loudon, district.

In the 3rd district, which includes Greenback and all the area south of the Tennessee River and east of Tellico Lake, current first term incumbent board member, Lisa Russell, has announced she will not seek re-election. This leaves the seat wide open. However, as of yet, no one has picked up a petition to run for the open seat.

In the 5th district, my district, there are also two seats. Gary Ubben seat "A" and myself, Van Shaver, seat "B". In just the first week, both incumbents have picked up petitions to seek re-election. On an odd note, Mr. Ubben, even though he is currently the seat "A" incumbent, he not only picked up a petition for his seat, but also picked up a petition for my seat. Not sure what that's about but I guess he has so much knowledge, after all he is a PHD/professor, he figures he can just hold both seats. He can't really of course.

Two challengers have also picked up petitions. Former board member, Freddie Gene Walker, who Ubben defeated four years ago, has picked up a petition to challenge Dr. Professor Ubben for his seat. Guess that could be called a rematch. Also, Teresa Karimian picked up petitions for both seats. Not sure which seat she plans to run for at this time. This will be Ms. Karimian second run for office. In 2010, she ran for county commission against long term incumbent, Harold Duff, but fell short on that bid.

The 7th district, which encompasses most of Tellico Village and Rarity Bay, has one representative on the board. Current incumbent board member, Craig Simon, has not yet picked up a petition to seek re-election. 

So there's where it stands after the first week. Candidates wishing to run for the school board have until April 5th, 12:00 noon to file a qualifying petition. The board election is not till the August county general election. School board candidates are non-partisan and therefore only participate in the general election.

I'll keep you updated.