BOE Off To Gatlinburg

When all else fails, just go to Gatlinburg. This is apparently the attitude of most of the Loudon County Board Of Education members. With all the problems confronting the BOE not the least of which according to them a lack of money, they are still going on their annual board retreat. This year to Gatlinburg. Board members, staff and a number of personal will be staying in Gatlinburg February 8th, 9th and returning home on the 10th. All on the taxpayer's dime.

The board has been faced with an unending number of problems and issues ranging from minor to very serious. Just last week the board presented requests to the commission for a more than two million dollar request for more repairs.

It's hard to imagine what earthly good it could be for the Loudon County school system for twenty or thirty BOE members, staff and associates to go to Gatlinburg to eat, drink and be merry. What could they discuss in Gatlinburg that they couldn't discuss here in Loudon County? Maybe in the higher altitude and thinner air they will be able to think clearer. If so their first thought should be how ridiculous it is for them to be in Gatlinburg. Board member, Gene Walker, stated that at this time it doesn't seem right to for the BOE to be taking unnecessary trips and he felt the BOE should wait till a new director is found. Headlee will be retiring at the end of this school year.

Again showing just how out of touch the BOE is with reality, here's a thought. Why not hold their three day retreat over at Greenback School? Or maybe in the closed Loudon High School Auditorium. Or best of all, how about a three day camparee out on the two million dollar 321 property.