Bobby Johnson Jr. Resigns

Lenoir City Treasurer/Recorder, Bobby Johnson Jr., has submitted his resignation from his position effective December 30th. In a letter to the city administrator, Johnson cites personal and family reasons for his decision to resign.

Johnson, who ran unopposed, was elected to the position in 2008. He will now return to his former position with the Lenoir city Parks and recreation Department. 

Johnson stated in his letter that he will do all he can to assist the city during the transition. A press release from mayor Tony Aikens, Aikens states that deputy director, Maggy Hunt, will temporally fill the position.

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Lenoir City recorder/treasurer resigns

By News Sentinel staff
LENOIR CITY - Bobby Johnson Jr., Lenoir City's recorder/treasurer, is resigning effective today, according to documents released by the city.

To take his place, Mayor Tony Aikens said in a news release today that he was directing Maggie Hunt, chief deputy clerk, to serve as recorder pro tempore. Lenoir City Council members and Aikens will talk in the future about a permanent replacement for Johnson, according to a notice signed by Aikens.

In addition, Aikens said he was recommending that Johnson, who once worked in the Parks and Recreation Department, remain on as a city employee.

"He has been with the city for a considerable number of years and has had an exemplary record with the Parks and Recreation Department. I am prepared to recommend that he be restored to his previous position with all customary rights and privileges of an employee of Lenoir City," Aikens' notice states.

Johnson was elected to the post in 2008.

Johnson, in his resignation letter dated today to City Administrator Dale Hurst, said he wanted to return to his old job.