Agencies Split 4 Million in Drug Money


Law enforcement agencies across the region are sharing in funds forfeited in one large drug bust. The U.S. Attorney's Office says officers searched a semi traveling through East TN on I-40 and found about 200 duct taped bundles of cash among shrink-wrapped pallets of bottled water. Each bundle had about $20,000 inside, totalling about 4.1 million dollars in cash.

Nineteen different agencies split the funds today. The Knox County Sheriff's Office got more than $69,000, the same amount as Blount County Sheriff's Office and the Oak Ridge Police Department. Knoxville Police Department got a check for more than $139,000.


  • Wilmington, N.C., Police Department: $418,883.5
  • North Carolina Department of Public Safety: $349,069.64
  • Sampson County N.C., Sheriff Department: $279,255.7
  • Cumberland County, N.C., Police Department: 244,348.75
  • Fayetteville, N.C., Police Department: 244,348.75
  • Duplin County, N.C., Sheriff’s Office: $209,441.7
  • City of Jacksonville, N.C., Police Department: $157,081.34
  • Town of Leland N.C., Police Department: $157,081.3
  • Knoxville Police Department: $139,627.85
  • Blount County Sheriff’s Office: $69,813.93
  • Knox County Sheriff’s Office: $69,813.93
  • Lenoir City Police Department: $69,813.93
  • Metro Knoxville Airport Authority Police $69,813.93
  • Oak Ridge Police Department: $69,813.93
  • Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation: $69,813.93
  • Tennessee Department Of Safety: $69,813.93
  • Tennessee 5th Judicial District Drug Task Force: $34,906.97
  • La Verne, Calif., Police Department: $34,906.97
  • Monterey Police Department: $34,906.97