Big Kahuna Wings coming to former Ott’s

The former Ott’s Barbeque at 12828 Kingston Pike is expected to house a new business, Big Kahuna Wings, since its owner, Matt Beeler, has received Farragut Planning Commission’s approval to expand the property and modify access to the property off Kingston Pike.

Beeler said he struck the deal this month for the lease pending the Commission’s approval and plans to be open in May.

Commissioners voiced no objections to the expansion but discussed concerns over modifying access off Kingston Pike during its Thursday, Feb. 20, meeting.

Beeler, who is leasing the property from MBH Incorporat-ed, wants to provide more dining space and make the building more usable. He also wants to convert the access from a right in/right out configuration to one that would also permit a left in access for westbound traffic, but no left-out access.

Mark Shipley, then interim community development director, said the Board of Zoning Appeals approved the expansion request Dec. 18, 2013; however, Shipley saw a conflict in modifying the access.
“Currently westbound traffic must access the property off South Hobbs Road,” Shipley said. “This road has a topographically challenging approach and an option for a left-in from Kingston Pike would, in the applicant’s view, be more safe and desirable.”

Shipley said while he understands the applicant’s point regarding the approach off South Hobbs Road, he said the westbound turn into the property could conflict with eastbound turns into Summit View Nursing Home property.

Commissioner Noah Myers, vice president of MBH Inc., which owns the property, said the current access into that property has been a hardship and a safety hazard.

‘We’re just trying to make a bad situation not quite so bad,” Myers said.

Commissioner Ed Saint Clair said there is a complication for motorists coming in the other direction, too.

“We’re hoping the design we propose mitigates that,” Myers said.

“I think [the modification] will be an improvement,” St. Clair said.