Big Improvements
From Dixie Lee Junction

From Lenoir City

I attended the public meeting Tuesday night pertaining to the planned improvements to the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 321. The proposed improvements are dramatic and will great when completed. Problem is, that might be a while, a long while.

Improvements include double turn lanes from all four approaches, double through lanes on all four approaches, full signalization and walkways. Several properties will be affected by the widening including Lenoir City Chrysler's used car lot and Marty's Auto Sales. But the property affected the most will be the dentist office on the north west corner. It will have to be torn down. Rose Street and First Ave. will also be impacted with restricted access to 321 and Broadway.

According to TDOT officials at the meeting, if everything goes as planned and the funding is provided, the project might get under way in three to four years or so possibly well after the new bridge is completed. This means we could have the new four lane to the new bridge but still have the jumbeled up intersection.

Hopefully the political powers that be can find a way to expedite the improvements to coincide with the completion of the new bridge.

The best news I heard at the meeting had nothing to do with 321. According to two well dressed TDOT officials I spoke with, construction on the improvements at the intersection of Ford Road, Muddy Creek and Hwy. 11, should begin within the next week or two. Signs should be going up any day. This project was announced about three and a half years ago.