Big Game Hunters

I take it from what I hear from friends and see on social media, it must be deer season around these parts. I've personally never gotten into hunting but from what I can understand, some folks are really into it.

Based on what I hear hunters say, deer hunting is a real challenging sport requiring a lot of high tech equipment, stealthy clothing, traveling long distances and sitting in a tree for long periods of time usually in the cold. See, I don't understand it. Don't get me wrong, I've got no problem with people who like to hunt, I just don't understand what the big challenge is.

Our farm is a little better than 200 acres. I spend a lot of time on the farm tending the cows, making hay, bush hogging and general farm type chores. The farm is loaded with all kinds of wildlife including deer, lots of deer. It's not uncommon to see a dozen or more grazing together. In fact, sometimes they chase me on the tractor like a dog chasing a UPS truck. Lots of times, I have to get off the tractor and shoo them out of the way just to get by them. I guess if I wanted to, I could just hit one in the head with a hammer if I wanted to kill one.

Then there's the turkeys. They're everywhere and they're huge. The other day I was taking some feed to the cows and a couple of big old tom turkeys walked up to the side of the truck and starting eating the feed I had for the cows. I'm not lying. They were so tall they could eat out of the back of the truck while standing on the ground.

Back where I started. I don't get the challenge. How hard could it be to kill a deer or even a turkey?

Now before any of you big game hunters get the idea that you might want to sneak into the farm and do a little hunting, I must warn you, our deer shoot back. Seriously, we've already had a couple of hunters who had snuck in get shot by a couple of the heavily armed deer.

Now, that would make deer hunting a real sport, if the deer could shoot back.