Big Brother's Watching,
Even Closer

We've all come accustom to security cameras at many of the places we visit and shop. Even local government offices have begun to use the security devices in their buildings. But mayor Doyle Arp has taken it to a whole new level.

The Loudon County Court House Annex has had security cameras in two of the fee offices for several years. But now with the Arp upgrade the annex has at least six new cameras installed for Arp's viewing pleasure. Upstairs the front door, back door and the lobby have been added to the monitor. Downstairs one new camera at the main door and two in the county commission meeting room.

While the phone system at the Annex is so old that it doesn't even have answering machines, I guess it's more important that Arp can see what's going on. Just remember, when you go to pay your taxes or buy car tags or register a deed, beware the unblinking eye sees all.