Best Appointed

At Monday's commission meeting, commissioners declared a vacancy in the 6th district school board seat, acknowledging the resignation letter from board member Ric Best. Commissioners also moved forward with the appointment of Melissa Best, wife of Ric Best, to fill the reminder of Ric's term in office. That term ends in August 2018.

Ms. Best has stated that she has no interest in running for the position when it comes up. She will be sworn in at the next school board meeting.

Mr. Best announced last month that he was resigning due to health reasons.

Below is the first, followed by the most recent entry by Ms. Best on her Caring Bridge page. Also a link to the page if you would like to share your support with the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Journal entry by Melissa Best
Ric was diagnosed with cancer in his pancreas, liver, lungs, right adrenal gland and lymph nodes on Sept.2, 2017. He had a PET scan and biopsy this week. The results are being sent to an oncologist at Vanderbilt. We will go there next Wednesday to consult about possible treatment, stage, and prognosis. Thanks for the prayers.
Journal entry by Melissa Best
Tom and Erica are here, and Christopher and Lydia are living here now so we can all be with and care for Ric. Our main goal is to keep him comfortable. We appreciate all the prayers and love you have shown us. 

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