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February 16

A Loudon amphitheater hasn't seen much use since it was built in 2005, but it's about to get a lot busier.

For years, the Tate and Lyle Performing Arts Center in Loudon has remained mostly empty, only used occasionally for city events.

To get the facility busy, Loudon city officials have teamed up with Houla Entertainment to kick off a concert series. (WATE)

3/26/12-Loudon City Council

Approved an ordinance amendment to allow Houla Entertainment to sell beer during special concert events in Loudon Municipal Park. (News Herald)

News Herald

I'm just trying to imagine how the traffic on Hwy 72 will be when several hundred drunk concert partiers head out after the Adele, Michael Bolton or ZZ Top concerts.

Haven't we come a long way and my, haven't things changed. Just a few short years ago, most local officials would have fought tooth and nail to prevent adding more alcohol to an already saturated society. Now most elected officials seem happy to embrace it in the name of revenue. Anything for money.