Because You Asked

A number of folks have written to ask what the construction was that was going on along Creekwood Boulevard, I think in hopes that something might be coming to the now vacant development.

This is the new 6 million dollar road so far, paid for mostly by the tax payers.  Under the original agreement when developer, Ed Loy, managed to get Lenoir City and the state to foot the bill to build the road through his development, he had agreed to put in the sidewalks. Not long after the road was built and the development hit the skids, Loy asked city council to change the agreement so he didn't have to put in the sidewalks in up front.

Then along comes Obama. According to local officials, through the Loudon County Economic Development Agency, Loy was able to secure some of those "free" Obama bucks to construct the sidewalks and install lighting. I understand more than $600,000.00 of Obama bucks.

No new development coming to Creekwood just more of your hard earned money being poured down another black hole.