Bank Buy Back On?

Back in July there was much discussion about the possibility of LCUB buying the down town First National Bank building. Bank officials had indicated that they wanted to down size their down town presence with their main offices moving to the Hwy 321 location. Since then the information was that LCUB might not be as interested in buying the bank building.

According to city officials, the negotiations are back on and agreements may be close. Recently, Mayor Matt Brookshire appointed a committee to work with bank officials to develop a proposal to bring back to the LCUB board and/or the city council. There is some disagreement as to which body or if both bodies will have to approve the purchase of the building.

The current offer for the building is in the three million dollar range. Bank officials are also looking at potentially buying the current LCUB customer service building to be used as the down town bank branch.

Not all  LCUB board and/or the city council members have supported the idea of the building buy. It is expected that Brookshire's committee will soon be prepared to make a recommendation to the LCUB board and/or the city council.