Balanced Budget

For the first time in.... well I don't know how long, the Loudon County School Board passed a balanced budget asking for no additional money from the commission for operating expenses. Not all board members were happy with the balanced budget and insisted the commission/tax payers should should pay more. The budget passed on a 6-4 vote. 

Thursday's meeting was long and at some points a little heated but the final product was the balanced budget. The budget did included more than a half million dollars in raises for school personal, mostly due the Governor Haslem's mandated 1.6% pay increases but those raises were off set with cuts within the budget. Unfortunately, approximately seventeen or so employees were terminated.

The thirty-five million dollar adopted school board budget will now go to the county commission for approval at it's June meeting.

This is a big deal and newly appointed director of schools, Jason Vance, deserves a lot of credit for taking what could be the first steps in just maybe getting the school board spending under control.