Baker Retires

"I think it's just time." That's how Ms. Paul Ann Baker, long time Lenoir City secretary to the mayor, summed up her decision to retire. Ms. Baker  has held her position with the city for more than twenty-three years. She has served as assistant to four different mayors during her tenure at city hall. Charles Eblen, Don, Lane, Bob Mccurry and now Matt Brookshire.

Ms. Baker stated that her decision to retire was truly bitter sweet. While she has enjoyed her job for these many years and looks forward to her retirement, she will certainly miss all her friends at city hall. Paul Ann said, "when you have worked with some of these people for so long they're almost like family."

One of the most public responsibility's we all recognize Ms. Baker's name for is organization of the annual Lenoir City Christmas Parade.  Baker said, "somebody else will have to do the parade now.

Coworkers held a small retirement party for Paul Ann Friday on her last day of work. Several of her coworkers talked about how much they would miss her but wished her well in her retirement.