Back On The Road

I told you all last week about a little accident I had on Wednesday. I've been calling it the tie rod but actually it broke the drag link. Either way, my truck was out of commission.

I had it towed to Lenoir City Chrysler, where I bought it, in hopes they could get me fixed quickly. I tell people, my truck for me is kind of like the Batmobile is to Batman. I just about can't function without my truck. I carry all the tools of my trade in my truck.

As I feared, being a new truck, there wasn't the part I needed within five hundred miles. But the guys in the service department said they would find one and get me back on the road ASAP. Yea right. I'm figuring I'd be lucky if it's fixed in a week.

My poor ol broke truck was delivered to Lenoir City Chrysler about 3:30 Wednesday. I was back on the road by about noon on Friday. That's what I call keeping your word.

I don't know who all made it happen at the dealership, but I want to especially thank Ryan Cleghorn, and the mechanic who did the work. I apologize but I didn't get his name, and everyone else who got me fixed up so fast. I think they went above and beyond on my behalf. That's the way to build customer service.