Authorities warning customers about utility board phone scam
(WBIR) Customers of the Lenoir City Utility Board are being warned about a new phone scam that could put their credit card information at risk.

The Loudon County Sheriff's Office said someone pretending to work for the utility board has been calling LCUB customers to say their accounts are past due.

The scammer then requests a credit or debit card number and warns the customer that utility services will be interrupted if payment isn't made over the phone.

Authorities said the person, or people, running the scam have even provided personal information about the customer to try and convince them that they are a real employee.

However, LCUB said they do not call customers if an account is past due. Instead, the policy is to send a representative to meet with the customer or place a notice on the residence door.

Customers should never give the caller any personal information.

The Loudon County Sheriff's Office said any incidents related to this scam should be reported to local law enforcement.