August 7th Election Candidates

The August election will be the Loudon County General election and the state and federal primary election. While you will have to choose which party's primary you will vote in for the state and federal election, all county candidates will appear on both ballots.

All the winning county candidates from the May primary will be on the ballot but all those races will be uncontested meaning if a candidate gets just one vote, they win.

The only contested county race will be in the 2nd district seat "A" school board race where incumbent William Jenkins is being challenged by Joshua Marler.

In the governors race, Bill Haslem will face three republican challengers with four candidates vying for the democratic nomination. In the senate race, Lamar Alexander will face seven republican challengers with four democrats running on the democrat ticket.

In the United States House of Representatives, District 2 Republican primary, congressman incumbent John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr. will face lone challenger Jason Zachary with only one democrat running.

State representatives, Jimmy Matlock and Kent Calfee will be unopposed in their August primary races but will face democrat challengers in November. State senate incumbent Randy McNally is unopposed. 

Below is a list of candidates that will appear on the August 7th election ballot. Not including the state committee elections, there are only six contested races in the August election. This could make for a very low voter turnout.

Candidates, if you have a web site and/or facebook page, I will be glad to link it up.

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Meet The Candidates

County Mayor

Rollen 'Buddy' Bradshaw

 Tim Guider

 George "Chip" Miller

Register Of Deeds

 Tracie Littleton
Circuit Court Clerk

Lisa Niles
County Court Clerk

Darlene Russell

Road Commissioner

Eddie Simpson

General Sessions Judge

Rex Dale (R)


County Commission

1st District Seat A

Kelly Littleton-Brewster (R)

1st District Seat B

David Meers

2nd District Seat A

Earlena Maples

2nd District Seat B

Matthew Tinker (R)

3rd District

Bill Satterfield

4th District

Leo Bradshaw (R)

5th District Seat A

Harold Duff
5th District Seat B

Van Shaver

6th District

Steve Harrleson

7th District

Henry Cullen (R)

Loudon County School Board

2nd District Seat "A"

*William Jenkins

Joshua Marler

2nd District Seat "B"

*Bobby Johnson, Jr

4th District

*Le Roy Tate

6th District

*Ric Best

Lenoir City Judge

*Terry Vann

Governor Republican

Mark Coonrippy

  *Bill Haslam

 Basil Marceaux, Sr.

 Donald Ray

Governor Democratic 

Charles V. “Charlie” Brown

 Kennedy Spellman Johnson

 Wm. H. “John” McKamey

 Ron Noonan

United States Senate Republican

 Christian Agnew

 *Lamar Alexander

 Fred R. Anderson

Joe Carr

 George Shea Flinn

John D. King

Brenda S. Lenard

Erin Kent Magee

United States Senate Democratic

Terry Adams

Gordon Ball

Larry Crim

Gary Gene Davis

United States House of Representatives District 2 Republican

*John J. Duncan, Jr.

  Jason Zachary

United States House of Representatives District 2 Democratic

Bob Scott

Tennessee Senate District 5 Republican

*Randy McNally

Tennessee House of Representatives District 21 Republican

*Jimmy Matlock

Tennessee House of Representatives District 21 Democratic

Pamela O. Weston

Tennessee House of Representatives District 32 Republican

*Kent Calfee

Tennessee House of Representatives District 32 Democratic

Joe Kneiser

9th Judicial Circuit Court Judge

Tom McFarland

Mike Pemberton

9th Judicial Chancellor

*Frank Williams

9th Judicial Criminal Court Judge

*E. Eugene Eblen

9th Judicial District Attorney

*Russell  Johnson

9th Judicial Public Defender

Kim Nelson

Joe. H. Walker

State Executive Committeeman District 5 Republican

Leon Fritts Shields

 Scott David Smith

State Executive Committeewoman District 5 Republican

  Julia C. Hurley

State Executive Committeeman District 5 Democratic

Richard Dawson

State Executive Committeewoman District 5 Democratic

 Dixie L. Damm

  Mary Beth Hickman