August Ballot Set

April 3rd was the deadline for candidates to qualify for local and state offices up for grabs in the up coming August 7th election. In local races, the hottest ticket will be the school board races. Five incumbent Loudon County School Board members will face opposition in the election. Also included in the August 7th county general election will the uncontested property assessor seat and a two man race for the second district county commission seat.In the school board race, district 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be up for reelection.

In the first district, Loudon, incumbent board member Bill Marcus, seat "A", will be challenged by Wendy A. Baustian . Seat "B" currently held by Scott Newman is unchallenged.

Third district, Greenback, incumbent, Larry Bass, will be challenged by Lisa Russell.

Fifth district, Eatons, which like the first district has two seats on the board. In seat "A", long time incumbent, Freddie Gene Walker will face two challengers. Both Gary Ubbins and Chris Clabough will be trying to unseat Walker. June Clinstiver who currently holds seat "B" will face me, Van Shaver.

Seventh district, Tellico Village, incumbent, Nancy Paule will be challenged by Craig Simon.

Depending on the outcome of the election, half of the current board could be replaced.

In the assessor's race, Chuck Jenkins will be unopposed. Jenkins soundly defeated challenger, Leo Bradshaw, in the February Republican primary. No democrats qualified to seek the office leaving Jenkins unopposed.

In the out of the ordinary second district county commission race, republican Austin Shaver will face Democrat, William Jenkins. Shaver and Jenkins both won their respective primaries in February. Austin defeated incumbent Shirley Reno and Tony Arden in the republican race to win a spot in the general election. Jenkins won the democrat primary with no opposition.

Twenty first district State representative, Jimmy Matlock will seek a second term in the state house unopposed.

The off year August election is historically the lowest turn out election of all local elections.

Any candidate wishing to withdraw has until April 7th to do so. More detailed information on all the candidates will be coming later.