As temperatures fall, stink bug sightings rise
(WBIR) A relatively new pest to East Tennessee is starting to make its way back into homes. As temperatures drop, stink bugs will be looking for warmer places to hibernate for the winter.

"The last two years they've been pretty bad and we've had them coming in the back of the house on the screen door area and they're just hard to get rid of," said Jeff Neil, who lives in Lenoir City.

According to University of Tennessee Agriculture Extension Agent Neal Denton, East Tennessee experienced its first big infestation of the smelly bugs about 4-5 years ago.

"Basically, the stink bugs are beginning to show up and moving into any crack or crevice that we have," Denton said. "They're very aggressive about trying to get inside."

The invasive brown marmorated stink bug comes from Asia. Right now they are more visible, congregating right outside of homes.

According to Russell's Pest Control in West Knox County, it is important to prepare now.

"The further we get into the fall, the more problems... and the more calls that we'll get. Right now they're just kind of hanging around the outside of buildings but when it gets real cold, we get that first freeze, they're going to be inside," said Mark Nadolski, general manager and owner of Russell's Pest Control.

Nadolski went on to say, "Best way for a homeowner to deal with them is to seal up any cracks they have on the outside of their home around windows and doors."

Denton agrees adding, "Keep a broom by the door when they're starting to come in because they'll actually congregate on the door... and you open the door and a lot of them will fly in."

According to Denton, once the stink bugs get inside it is a lot harder to get them back out. Squashing them can leave stains and release a strong odor, hence the name. Nadolski recommends using a vacuum at that point.