Bowman said, County employees in the future will fill out public records requests for residents who are "stubborn, obstinate or can't read..

No form needed for records requests

Loudon Co. chancellor sides with activist; fee hearing coming soon

LOUDON - A chancellor has agreed that an activist seeking Loudon County public records access doesn't have to fill out a form to get a look at them.

Loudon County Chancellor Frank V. Williams III will have a hearing soon to determine what fees should be charged for copies of those records, attorney Bob Bowman said. Bowman represents Loudon County Mayor Doyle Arp in his ongoing legal tussle with activist Pat Hunt in her bid to have Arp's policy on public records access declared invalid.

Bowman said Wednesday he would be sending a letter to Hunt's attorney, Ann Barker, setting out proposed county fees for copies of public records.

If there's no agreement on a fee schedule, a hearing will be conducted where proof of the county's cost for making copies of public records will be presented, Bowman said.

Even though Hunt won't be required in the future to fill out a form for public records access, a record will be made of her requests "to make sure we have responded to them," Bowman said.

County employees in the future will fill out public records requests for residents who are "stubborn, obstinate or can't read," Bowman said.

A Word For Mr. Bowman

It's not that we in Loudon County can't read, it's the fact that we can read that seems to be a problem for you. We can read the law, we can read the constitution and most importantly, we can read between the lines. Your meteoric rise to prominence in Loudon County is nothing more than political pay back. It's certainly not your legal prowess given your current track record thus far.

It is unfortunate that your perception of those in our county who will not bow to Mr. Arp's ridiculous and illegal demands is that we are stubborn or obstinate. We prefer to think of ourselves as intelligent and independent.

Here's a thought. If having to deal with us Loudon Countians who are "stubborn, obstinate or can't read" is such a problem, you can always go back to Knoxville to peddle your propaganda. It's not very nice to take our money then call us names.