Arp's Raise Cut

In a surprising move at Monday's commission workshop, the Loudon County Commission budget committee recommended eliminating the $10,000.00 salary supplement that had previously been included in the budget of the highway commissioner's budget. The budget committee decided it would be more cost effective to pay an independent engineer $25 per hour when a need for an engineer would arise. Highway commissioner, Sean Giles was not pleased.

But the real net effect of the budget committee's decision was a reduction in the raise Doyle Arp will receive in the upcoming fiscal year. You may recall a few weeks ago, we learned that Arp had schemed himself a raise of  more than $8,700.00 by using the highway commissioner's salary as a base for his raise. With the elimination of the $10,000.00 salary supplement for Giles, Arp's raise will now be based on the sheriff's salary. Arp's raise will now be $3,793.00. But before you all start running out with collection jars to raise money for Arp, his new salary will now be $79,658.00.

Tax money well spent? You can decide.