Last Name First Name Address Occupation Donation Primary Donation General
Akins Darrell Oak Ridge Advertising $250.00 $250.00
Hurst Steve Lenoir City Banker $250.00  
Cole David Lenoir City CVS $500.00  
Bowman Michael Knoxville Dentist $500.00  
Lambert David Loudon Dentist $250.00  
Dickson Walt Knoxville Developer $300.00  
Horne Doug Knoxville Developer $1,000.00 $500.00
Maddox Don Knoxville Developer $500.00  
Maddox Steven Knoxville Developer $1,000.00  
Mohney Robert Knoxville Developer   $500.00
Thorton John Chattanoga Developer   $400.00
White Mark Lenoir City Developer $500.00  
Gilpn Tom Winchester Va. Developer Lenoir City Co. $250.00  
Shellenbarger Paul Lenoir City Developer Retired $150.00  
Barnett Daniel Knoxville Developer/Blueridge Development $200.00  
Conglton Lee Knoxville Developer/Business Man $500.00  
Simpson James (Eddie) Lenoir City Developer/Business Man $200.00  
Sterchi Robert Knoxville Developer/Business Man $1,000.00  
Watkins Ronald Knoxville Developer/President Partners Dev. $1,000.00  
Holley Steven Knoxville Doctor $250.00  
Mcdonald Billy Lenoir City Doctor $250.00  
Stimpson Peter Loudon Doctor $1,000.00  
Kirby Rich Lenoir City Eng. $250.00  
Harrison Steve  Loudon Farmer $250.00  
Richesin Daris Philadelphia Farmer $50.00  
Feike Jeffery Lenoir City Hospital Administrator $200.00  
Pomerance Linda Loudon House Wife $1,000.00  
Watkins Debbie Knoxville House Wife $1,000.00  
Sezemore Mark Johnson City Insurance $250.00  
Condra Jimmy Tellico Village Insurance Consultant   $200.00
Flynn Kenneth Lenoir City Knox Codes Officer $1,000.00  
Bowman Robert Knoxville Lawyer $200.00  
Henry Wayne Lenoir City Lawyer   $250.00
Hinton Robert Lenoir City Lawyer $250.00  
Johnson John Knoxville Lawyer $250.00  
Johnson Russell Loudon Lawyer $100.00  
King John Knoxville Lawyer $200.00  
Phillips Edward Knoxville Lawyer $250.00 $250.00
Rayson Ed Knoxville Lawyer $300.00 $250.00
Welchel Ward Knoxville Lawyer $250.00  
Lambert Gene Loudon Loudon City Council   $200.00
Hobbs Richard Lenoir City Minister   $200.00
Curtis Ralph Loudon Owner Curtis Equip. $500.00  
Sitzler Ted Loudon Owner Dialia Center $150.00  
Moran Mike Loudon Owner M.S.I. $500.00  
Matlock Jimmy Lenoir City Owner Matlock Tire $200.00  
Russell David Knoxville Owner Olympic Metals $200.00  
Purdy James Loudon Owner Purdy Brothers $1,000.00  
Stower Harry Knoxville Owner Stower Machinery $250.00  
Barge Wagoner Sumner Cannon Nashville PAC $100.00  
Anderson Charles Loudon Photographer $50.00  
Kimsey Gary Sweetwater President Gemtron $1,000.00  
Brownlee Joseph Knoxville Realtor $250.00  
Lay Tom Powell Tn. Realtor $500.00  
Strickland Rob Knoxville Realtor $500.00  
Tuck John Lenoir City Realtor $500.00  
Brownlee W. Knoxville Realtor/Owner Brownlee Realty $250.00  
Bell Ed Lenoir City Retired $200.00  
Brewster Phillis Loudon Retired $100.00  
Duff Harold Lenoir City Retired   $200.00
Jones J. W. Lenoir City Retired $200.00  
Thompson James Lenoir City Retired $150.00  
Wattenbarger Carl Loudon Retired $300.00  
Mcnally Randy Oak Ridge State Rep.   $200.00
Ricketts Wilburn Hixson Tn. Tax Management Associates $250.00  
Johnson Erin Loudon Teacher $250.00  
Total Donations       $23,050.00 $3,400.00
Does not include individual contributations of $100 or less totaling $8,575.00    
Does not include a loan of $7,953.00. Loan was repaid in second quarter reporting period.  
Total Expendatures $28,554.00 As Of 9/30/06