Arp Wants Insurance Committee

At Monday's commission workshop, Doyle Arp suggested that a committee be formed to take another look at the county's employee insurance. No immediate action was taken but Arp told commission that he felt a committee was better rather than the whole commission handling the issue because as he put it, every time we talk about it we beat up by the press. Apparently Arp feels that a committee could some how avoid having to meet publicly.

Just last October, the commission took steps to increase the employee's share of health insurance costs. The decision was met with great resistance from county employees. A decision to change the policy failed to pass the commission.

In other discussions at the meeting, Arp informed the commission that it had come to his attention that off duty sheriff's deputies were working traffic control for private contractors. However the deputies were using county patrol cars and he was concerned about liability for the county.

Road Commissioner, Sean Giles, approached the commission about requiring permits for driveways connecting to county roads. Commissioners ask Giles to get more information on the process.

Commissioner, Wayne Gardin, ask the commission to pass another resolution asking the state for assistance in improving the Shaw Ferry and Hwy. 11 intersection. Commissioner's were supportive and are expecting to pass the resolution at the next meeting.