Arp Blasts BOE

At the end of Monday's county commission meeting, County Mayor Doyle Arp took an opportunity to blast the board of education for the lack of an adopted budget. Arp seemed to aim his tirade at two school board members who were in attendance at the commission meeting. Myself and Lisa Russell. Once again showing his total lack of understanding of how local government legally works, Arp seems to think that one or two school board members have the power to make a budget. The reality is, it is the legal authority of the director of schools, Wayne Honeycutt, to develop the budget to present to the full board which in turns adopts the budget to send to the commission.

Arp goes on to state "a lot of people would like total chaos cause that's what they thrive on" but all he wants to do is "make Loudon County a better place to live." You can be the judge of that.

I don't think anyone in the audience was quit sure who Arp was accusing of liking chaos.

Several BOE members, myself included, have made many requests over the last several months for additional budget meetings to no avail.

Click Here For Video It's a dandy.