Are You Kidding?

According to a recent news article, "Some Loudon officials are concerned that construction of the new Fort Loudoun Middle School will be creating major problems with adjacent Liberty Park?"

Mark Harrell, Loudon parks and recreation director, told city council members recently that construction surrounding the park is going to make major changes because the Loudon County School System owns 300 feet of right of way at the western entrance that will be involved in construction of turn lanes.

"We thought that land was ours, but we discovered that we had deeded it to them (the County) in 1974," Harrell said. "They are going to be taking out trees, and it is going to change things aesthetically and affect drainage. We already had a problem with drainage over there."

Harrell said the right of way is close to the walking trail in the park.

"People are going to be upset with us when they see the changes," he said. Removal of trees and more asphalt will decrease ground water absorption and increase flooding on trails and in the park.
News Herald 2/23/12

The Loudon County school board and commission have agreed to spend millions of dollars to build a brand new school to educate the children of Loudon and "some Loudon officials" are worried the new school will some how negatively impact their little park beside the school property? This is the silliest thing I've ever heard. If anything, the new school will likely improve the park's access and use.

What did "some Loudon officials" think was going to be built on the school property? Maybe a liquor store? "Some Loudon officials" have been very supportive of liquor stores in Loudon. Maybe another smelly, polluting industry. "Some Loudon officials" have been very supportive of  those in Loudon, or maybe a truck stop. "Some Loudon officials" have been very supportive of a new truck stop.

Come on "some Loudon officials." Do you all really think the school board is going to do anything that will hurt your walking trail? Really? "Some Loudon officials" might be better off to worry about the real problems facing their city.

The school board might have expected to hear something like a big thank you from "Some Loudon officials" for the decision to provide a new school for their children but I guess that might have been too much to be expected from "Some Loudon officials."