Apparently We Need More Dead People

As unbelievable as it may seem, according to the most recent study by the Tennessee Department Of Transportation, there have not been enough people killed or crippled at the intersection of Shaw Ferry and Hwy 11 to warrant any improvements. Read the letter yourself.

Local officials, state officials and citizens have been trying for years to get improvements to the intersection which by anyone's account is one of the most dangerous and heavily traveled intersections in the county. This report is just the latest in a long line of ridiculous reports handed down by TDOT. For more information on the past and ongoing efforts to have the intersection improved visit

I guess we will just have to start contacting state officials again.

Gerald Nicely's office TDOT   Phone:  615.741.2848 

Fred Corum, TDOT

General Contact

Mark Best, Region Director in Knoxville 594-4512

Senator RANDY McNALLY Email address:

JIMMY MATLOCK, State Representative Email address:

DENNIS FERGUSON, State Representative Email address:

Wouldn't you love to make these TDOT officials drive through the intersection several times a day?