Another Mistake?

I've done it again. Another correction needed.

Just last week I reported that Sarah and I were celebrating our 37th anniversary. That was wrong, it was number 36. I also said we didn't realize it was just 36 till we got a card from our son Austin congratulating us on 36. Then for some reason I felt it necessary to point out that our Nashville attorney son didn't put any cash in the card.

Well, come to find out, when me and the wife went out for our weekly Friday night Cracker Barrel supper, I noticed Sarah paid for it with a gift card. Humm, I thought, where did she get that gift card. Apparently, she just forgot to tell me that Austin had sent it to us in our anniversary card.

So, to correct the record, Austin and family did send us a cash equivalent that paid for our supper. Thank you my son. I would mention our younger son Evan didn't get us anything but I don't know if he did or not for sure.

In all fairness, Sarah did tell me the wrong number on our anniversary and she didn't tell me about the gift card. So if you think about it, I didn't really make the mistakes, she did.  I might have to have a long talk with her. Nahhh, think I'll just let it go.