Another Benefit Of Development


Loudon Countians are reaping another benefit from out of town developers. Making straight roads crooked. In most cases, citizens expect crooked roads to be straightened but in this case, the opposite is what we got. Earlier this year, the Loudon County Planning Commission passed a resolution requiring any large development connecting to a state highway to construct a turning lane. The commission should be applauded for their action, but I don't think this is what they had in mind. Developer Doug Berry, the master mind of the Jackson's Crossing Development and the responsible party for the dog leg on Hwy. 70 apparently installed the economy version of a turning lane.

Highway 70 between Dixie Lee junction and Eaton Cross Roads is one of the longest, straightest sections of highway in the county, or it was. Now at the intersection of the new development, drivers must navigate a 45 degree right turn as they pass the development. The new configuration of the highway is just an accident waiting to happen. It's hard to believe the Tennessee department Of Transportation, TDOT, would approve this dangerous obstacle on such a heavily traveled highway. A call to TDOT found that they may not be aware of the problem but would investigate and report back on the matter.

A comparison of the turn lane for the Avalon development clearly shows shows the difference between a proper turn lane and the mess at Jackson's Crossing.

West approach at Jackson's Crossing

West approach to Avalon

East approach at Jackson's Crossing

East approach to Avalon