All The Trimmings

In what's becoming the new pleasant normal, Monday's commission meeting was mostly uneventful with commissioners dispensing the county's business in an orderly fashion. There was however one item of contention.

Toward the end of the meeting during the budget amendment process, commissioner Austin Shaver stated he would be voting against the amendment package because there were two items in the package he could not support. The two requests from the mayor's office were for $5,000.00 for new office furniture and $4,500.00 for Thanksgiving appreciation dinner for all county employees. 

Shaver stated that he was not personally opposed to new furniture or lunches but noted that "we" the commission, continue to talk about cutting our spending and he felt this was a perfect example of how tax dollars should not be spent. Especially given that everyone knows that county property owners are probably looking at tax increase next year.

Shaver's statement open a somewhat lengthy discussion about the two proposed expenditures. Ultimately, the two items were voted down by commissioners.  But I think it was commissioner David Meers who first proposed that he would and that each commissioner should contribute $200 to help pay for the employees Thanksgiving lunch. In short order it was decided that each county elected official would be asked to contribute $200 to pay for the lunch.

This is a great example of how your local government should work. Commissioners came up with a proper compromise. Really, is it the tax payers place to pay for a $4,500.00 dinner for county employees? Is it not far more fitting that the elected officials provide for an employee appreciation dinner to actually show their appreciation to their employees?

Good job commission.