All We Can Do

The members of the Loudon County School Board have done all we can do to get the long overdue building program out of the ground. We've done due diligence working with the professionals identifying the most pressing needs of the school system. We have developed a plan that is sensitive to the tax payers and is both functional and financially feasible. The plan has been submitted to the county commission for funding, funding that will require no property tax increase. That's all we can do. Now it's up to commissioners to approve the funding. But will they?

Commission is set to discuss the building program again at tonight's workshop. Given the previous discussions of Mayor Arp and some commissioners, I suspect we're about to see politics at it's best or worst depending on your view point. After all, we are coming up on an election. As much as I hope I'm wrong, I'm afraid we will see Arp and others try to muscle the new school for Greenback off the table again. Let's just wait and see which elected officials think they will benefit from the commission's decision.

The workshop will be at the Court House Annex at 6:00 pm tonight (12/21/09).