All Better

Last week I told you about my sick computer. Got a bad virus. A reader responded to tell me how I could down load and boot up a fix. In all honesty, I'm not very computer savvy when it comes computer operations and fixes. I wrote back with my appreciation but explained my lack of skill in this area. I went on to ask the gentleman, based on his email address, if he might be in the computer repair business and if so, did he work on personal PC's. Best question I ever asked.

I have now become acquainted with Michael Phillips. He and his wife own and operate Elite Technology Group and Lenoir City Computers. Not only do they fix personal computers but they also fix and maintain business computer all around our area and a lot of other stuff.

Click Here For Their Web Site To See What All They Do.

Elite Technology Group

I am more than happy to report that they got my computer fixed quickly and it's even better than it was before the sickness. I'm so glad I found these folks. I'll sleep better now, knowing I have someone to call if I have a computer problem and hopefully, I can continue to keep folks updated on local government shenanigans uninterrupted.

Thanks again guys.