All's Quiet On The Home Front

Every thing seems to be awfully quiet on the local political scene. Not much going on or at least no one is talking much. Of course, our new county mayor has invoked a third world information blackout on county records which makes it harder to keep up with county matters. And by the way, the pending lawsuit brought against the mayor and his illegal public records policy which was to have gone to court December the 4th, conveniently had to be postponed till April due the mayor's sickness. Sooner or later the records will have to be reopened and there will be a lot of news to catch up on.

Brookshire seems to be laying low for the time being. But with redevelopment, bad hydrants, nasty water and over flowing sewers, I'm sure there are more stories just over the horizon.

Maybe everybody is just in the Christmas spirit and has nothing but goodwill toward their fellow man. Not likely.