Impact On Election

I'm sure everyone would agree that the passing of Mr. Harry Wampler is a loss to the community. Mr. Wampler was a true community servant.

Another thing I know is that if Mr. Wampler were here, he'd call me and say we need to be sure everybody knows what's going on in the election. That said, here is the effect on the election with Harry's passing.

Mr. Wampler's name will remain on the ballot for the November election. Voters may still vote for him. Wampler was one of three incumbent Lenoir City councilmen seeking re-election. Lenoir City elections are nonpartisan and not seat specific. Meaning all candidates run at large. The top three vote getters win.

If Mr. Wampler is re-elected, it would be up to the city council to appoint his replacement. The appointment would be a two year term till the next general election.

I join with many others in sending my condolences to all the Wampler family and continued thoughts and prayers in their time of grief.