Due to the overwhelming response and number of applications for the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Academy, Sheriff Tim Guider has elected to accommodate applicants with an additional session of the classes this fall. The current Thursday class is already full, so the additional class for the 17th Loudon County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Academy will be held on TUESDAYS beginning September 5 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, for a total of eleven weeks. This will also offer an opportunity to those that have not been able to attend on a Thursday night in the past. Class location will be at the Sheriff’s Office at the Justice Center. There will be one Saturday scheduled for off-site training of driving and firing range.

The series of classes is free of charge and will be taught by law enforcement professionals volunteering their time to share their expertise. The purpose of the Academy is to provide citizens with a basic understanding of the training and requirements for their local law enforcement officers and to foster a cooperative partnership between our citizens and the officers who serve them. Classes also offer community residents the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the officers and management of the Sheriff’s Department. Topics covered include Tennessee law, domestic violence, criminal investigations, narcotics, corrections and jail tour, patrol duties and tactics, judicial system, communications and 911 tour, firearms training, defensive driving tactics, self defense tactics, and K-9 operations and capabilities.

Class openings for the Tuesday night class are currently available and will require a background check. Applicants must be a resident of Loudon County. Successful graduates will receive a certificate of completion at their graduation ceremony.

Applications are available at the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, 12680 Hwy 11 W, Suite 1, or on the website at under the community section. They must be filled out completely and returned for approval no later than August 15. To have an application e-mailed to you, please request one from .