According to Lenoir City Police Chief, Don White, who is a member of the City Hall Study Committee, the owner of the property the city has it's eye on , Robert Wilkerson, has agreed to accept the city's offer to buy his property.

Last week, the city council voted to offer Wilkerson the full asking price, $179,900.00,  for the two parcels. The city also agreed to make a 5% down payment with a 60 day opt out contract. If the city decides not to buy the property the down payment will be refunded. Currently the property containing about one acre, is occupied by a house that has been divided into two apartments and a mini storage building.

The city hopes with this property combined with ten other yet un-purchased adjoining properties, to some day build the new Lenoir City Safety Building that would house City Hall, the Lenoir City Police Department and the Lenoir City Fire Hall, station #1.