Abigail Rose
After                                                           Before

Many of you have asked and been so kind to show interest in the progress of our little grand baby girl, Abigail "Abby" Rose. Abby was born with clef lip and pallet.

Last week, Abby had her first surgery to begin the process to fix her lip and mouth. The results were astounding. The process begins with repairing the lip and nose area. As you can see, the surgery was a success. She still has stitches and some swelling but she has been a real little trooper through the process.  

The next phase of surgery will be to repair the opening in her gum and the roof of her mouth. That will require the use of a small piece of bone from her hip to make the repairs. That surgery will be in about six months or so. Over the years as she grows, other surgeries will be needed to complete the process.

One little known fact is that Peyton Manning was also born with cleft lip and pallet. So who knows, Abby Gail might grow up to be a famous NFL quarterback. 

Austin, Brittany and all of us would like to thank everyone for your interest, concerns and prayers for Abby.