A Thong

Ever since I was a  child, checking the mail was exciting. Even now I still look forward to each day's delivery. Not sure why, it just seems like there is always the possibility of getting something good in the mail. When I was little it might have been a toy ordered from the back of a cereal box or a letter from my grand mother with a dime in it. Now days it might be a tax return check or a stock dividend or who knows what. I always figured if I were going to get rich it would have to come in the mail. It's just kind of like a mystery box at the end of the driveway with a new surprise every day.

One day last week may have been one of the most memorable trips I ever made to the mail box. With the normal anticipation I headed for the box. When I opened the door, there were the usual pieces of junk mail and several special offers. But, tucked way in the back of the box was a Ziploc Baggie with something unusual sort of wadded up in it. I first thought it was just some trash but after looking a little more closely  I realized what it was. A thong. A pink, diamond studded thong. As I examined the package more closely, I could see that it still had the cardboard Victory's Secret sale tag attached. I figured if it was new, it would be safe to open.

I have no idea what a thong in the mail box means. It could have been a random act or a mistake. My suspicion is that if it was meant for our mail box, it was probably meant for my twenty year old son. But regardless of how or why it got there, for this old guy it has given me whole new reason to check the mail. In fact, I have about worn out the hinges on the mail box door looking for another secret delivery.