A Socialist, Really 

If you see any news of any kind, it would be impossible not to know the presidential election is coming up next year.

On the republican side you've got a whole slew of candidates from a brain surgeon to a billionaire to governors, senators, blacks, whites Hispanics and a woman. On the democrat side, the party of diversity, you've got one lying old hag and a crotchety old socialist.

Given the idiocy of many in our country, it's not surprising that there are people that would actually vote for either one of the democratic candidates. The unbelievable shocker to me is that there are actually people right here in Loudon County that support Bernie Sanders, the crotchety old socialist running on the democratic ticket.

I've seen bumper stickers on Loudon County cars supporting Sanders. I've read posts on social media by locals in support of Sanders.

How could any American remotely support an avowed socialist for president of the United States. The man, by his own admission is a socialist. He's not even a democrat. He was elected to congress as an independent socialist. He's just running as a democrat because that party is so close to his socialist positions. He wants America to be a socialist nation.

Are people today so ignorant of history and facts that they don't even know what socialism is and what the tenants socialism are?

The sheer definition of socialism should be enough to make any American oppose such a person. 

a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies

Have people forgotten what the last great socialist government was? Does Nazi Germany ring a bell?

I'm sorry, anybody stupid enough to support a socialist for president doesn't even deserve the right to live in this great country. Maybe they would be happier in Cuba.

But don't think I'm in any way saying Hillary "The Beast" Clinton would be better than Bernie Sanders. She's as much a socialist as Sanders is. She just doesn't have the nads to admit it.